Praise for Latin America’s Turbulent Transitions

‘The insightful and informative studies collected here reveal what has been taking place in Latin America, and the implications of these developments for the emerging world order.’ Noam Chomsky

‘This book describes the political vision changing the lives of millions in Latin America. It is a manual of thrilling example for us all.’John Pilger, journalist and film-maker 

‘This book is essential reading. It looks at the advances made by left forces in the region, the social struggles that preceded them, and the great challenges facing those governments that have set for themselves the goal of constructing an alternative to capitalism.’ Marta Harnecker, Chilean journalist and author of Understanding the Venezuelan Revolution

‘A fascinating and passionate overview of the most important social experiment on earth: Latin America’s search for economic justice.’Michael Ryan Davis, author of Planet of Slums

‘An intelligent and informed review of the Latin American left – its past, its prospects, and its internal debates. A first-rate contribution to our efforts to analyze and to transform the world.’ Immanuel Wallerstein, Yale University

‘Original and insightful analysis.’ Saul Landau, film director and author

‘Burbach, Fox, and Fuentes have written a thoughtful account of the radical projects that have arisen in Latin America in the wake of the collapse of the “old” socialism and the simultaneous weakening of US hegemony in the region.’ Fred Rosen, editor of NACLA Report on the Americas

‘This is a vital guide for anyone seeking to understand where the left is headed in Latin America, as well as the vexing political and social challenges confronted by charismatic leaders and progressive forces on the ground.’Nikolas Kozloff, author of Revolution! South America and the Rise of the New Left

‘In a continent of ferment and change like Latin America, where we often live through tumultuous moments, a serious, documented, and critical book like Latin America’s Turbulent Transitions is a valuable contribution to deepening our discussions and orienting us in the construction of a new world. Burbach, Fox, and Fuentes’ vast and comprehensive chapters tackle many of the current themes and conflicts and serve as small compasses to help us understand where we are and suggest possible paths forward.’ Raul Zibechi, Uruguayan journalist, author of Dispersing Powers: Social Movements as Anti-State Forces

‘Little by little, inch by inch, the thick, dark velvet curtain thrown over daily events in Latin America by uninterested editors and nervous journalists in the Western media is being tugged back. Roger Burbach, Michael Fox, and Federico Fuentes have produced a sparklingly up-to-date account of the “pink tide” of new thinking for the general reader. The lives and politics of the present-day political giants of the Western Hemisphere – Chávez, Lula, Correa, Raúl Castro, and many more – are set out with admirable clarity by three authors who know what they are talking about. No student of the New World should be without it.’ –Hugh O’Shaughnessy, author of Priest of Paraguay

Latin America’s Turbulent Transitions makes sense of Latin America’s leftward turn, both in terms of its origins and what this turn means for some of the main countries involved. As such, it is an essential resource for the general reader and for students of the region. The case study of Venezuela is especially useful in helping us understand Hugo Chavez’s historic legacy and the advent of twenty-first-century socialism.’ Gregory Wilpert, author of Changing Venezuela by Taking Power

‘Anyone seeking to understand the complexities and tensions of the struggles to turn the radical social transformations in contemporary capitalist Latin America into a sustained socialist project needs to encounter this book’s rare combination of open-hearted commitment and hard-headed analysis.’ Steve Ludlam, University of Sheffield

‘A profoundly important book. Latin America is the last place in the world where a broad enlightened left not only survives but thrives, setting an idealistic agenda of solidarity, equality, and freedom – though often times rhetoric doesn’t match reality. Deploying a rigorous comparative framework, Latin America’s Turbulent Transitions takes an unflinching look at socialism in the region, both as it is and as it could be.’ Greg Grandin, New York University, author of Fordlandia: The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford’s Forgotten Jungle City

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